For the Truth – be righteous,

Care for the people,

For the Motherland – be devoted,

The nation lives in the heart!


The bases of the Nursafardiyya teaching are the physical perfection, the perfection of the mind and the divine - energetical perfection. In a person's life it means practically to be complete in movements, breathing and in zikr (meditation).



 The teachings of Sufis have attained yet another benchmark. The God granted pure energy, having rejuvenerated it with new rays and, theoretical and practical knowledge. Nursafardiyya is the ultimate direction in all steps of life and spirituality.

Nursafardiyya, although remaining faithful to all original traditions of Sufism, it is free of any restrictions.

In the Nursafardiyya direction there is no difference as to substance, nation, race, religion and philosophy. Nursafardiyya direction is panhuman and universal.

Our activity is concerned with the perfection of the human being, not the development of technical, chemical and political sides of the wheels of life.

The main goal of the Nursafardiyya direction is finding divine power by which to learn about oneself, the essence and attributes of God and to attain the Truth.

The Sufiy teaching Nursafardiyya contains 14 steps, which lead to the perfection of a person:

1. Nursafardiyya calligraphy

2. Nursafardiyya respiration

3. Nursafardiyya divine philosophy

4. Nursafardiyya poetry and literature

5. Nursafardiyya secret knowledge and super-capabilities

6. Nursafardiyya medicine

7. The Holy Koran in Nursafardiyya

8. Nursafardiyya system of movements

9. Nursafardiyya music

10. Nursafardiyya cleanliness

11. Nursafardiyya lifestyle

12. Nursafardiyya choreography and dance system

13. Nursafardiyya meditation – zikr

14. Nursafardiyya martial arts