Air is creation of the living beings, and breathing is part of it. Air is the reason for the formation of water and water turns into air in an endless circle.

In the air are collected and stored all the information. It contains everything about the universe, nature, humanity, society. It means that it is of great importance what kind of air we breathe. The complex of air that we breathe gives information to the blood, the microflora, and affects dilatation and contraction of blood vessels. In addition it controls the changes of the physical, physiological, psychological and energetic processes taking place in us.



The newborn come to the world and begin to live the moment they take their breath. So breathing creates life. It all depends on what kind of air and how, in which position do we air. For the theory and practice of the Sufism this process is very important as well as the information contained in the air cannot be left without supervision. News from the microcosm are received in the same way.



At the last exhalation people leave this world. It means that it sends all the collected information to the macrocosm. This process is constant and in everyday life. This means that care is needed also when you exhale, since the power of each word is associated with breath.


The gap between inhalation and exhalation – pause

Updating the old, turning the cold into hot, transforming the existing into non-existing, appearing in the world from the nothing – this is a defined stop in time.  This pause is the result of merging with the divine, the appearing of a new idea, the preparation of an explosion. But, alas, to stop it, to understand it, to observe it is a very difficult task. This pause can completely change a person, all things, all living beings and nature.


* * * * *

Since its birth a person lives through breathing. The gift of breathing, which is more important than eating and drinking, for every living being, regards the way of breathing as well as the quality of air. Unfortunately man has not admitted the importance of this, has not given it enough attention, and has not even realized its role.

In the recent years scientists have been working in this direction, and there are many researches and works in this field. With correct breathing we are able to achieve success in treating diseases and improve sport activity.

Our intention is surely not to praise or criticize this or any other system of breathing. Our intention is to bring attention to the learning and the practicing of the Sufi respiration, based on ancient philosophical knowledge, and reaching the essence of its meaning.

Here comes the question – why is the breathing system in Sufism different from any other and which advantages does it bring?

1. The breathing system in Sufism is not limited to only one field of science.
2. It is characterized by its historicity and antiquity. At the same time, famous Sufi  saints were interested in this system and the key point breathing is the power of prayer.
3. This breathing complex is not considered for only health strengthen, but also it is the basis for other systems in Sufism.
4. It works on the patient by creating a positively informed energy.
5. It is distinguished by its tradition and it is considered as very important for the wealth of the nations
6. The system is useful in the treatment of certain known diseases.