I am Nursafardiyya, since I had realized myself in this corruptible world, I understood that the original goal of my life is the nourishment of my soul with eternal knowledge, to become worthy of being Allah's creation. And I felt that the corruptible world is full of temptations, the pride rules here, and my explicit life is bound on earth, where the ones who in love with nonexistence are far from The One.  And I had realized that the temptation of desire is similar to a raging dragon, and only if the person is patient and brave, if he is elegant in the vigil, he easily could defeat this savage beast. And the only way to this is in love to Allah, aspiration for his beauty, finding strength in his grace. And I felt through love, flaming and hidden in the depths of my soul, that Allah will not spare his kindness to his creation, who praises his might and shares his power. If I loved Allah, if I fought for merger with his grace, it means that I lived not in vain. It means that I stand at an instant, temporary halt, and my shelter is clear and obvious.

And how did I feel the beauty of God, how did I achieve the merger with his grace? This state of enthusiastic, gentle excitement of soul, a capture of eternity, a true delight, I learned in the vigil to Allah. Oh Allah, and what a delight it is, a peace of mind, which is not possible to describe in words.

The vigil is the pearl of soul, the mirror of spirit, the power of desire. Its roots are power, the trunk is love, and the fruits are pleasure. The tree of vigil bears fruits despite the winter, spring, summer or fall. Its ancient and eternal Garden is located at infinity. And if eyes are closed to infinity, there is no place for vigil either.

The ones, who crave for love to the Almighty, should clear all of their being from perishable, mundane pleasures, not starting the vigil. And if the spring of vigil flows not from the depths of soul, the pleasure from it is not real. The man entered the spiritual world, reaches his goal only by means of vigil, only with the help of vigil he reaches the power of the Almighty.


Meditation of Nursafardiyya

Keeping its privacy in a world of secrets, doctrine of Nursafardiyya has a peculiar system of meditation. Here the quiet, hidden meditation, along with oral, external moving meditation, maintains a balance between the positive and negative energies.

Meditation system of Nursafardiyya is divided into 6 parts:

1. Hidden vigil
2. Oral vigil
3. Healing vigil
4. Fighting vigil
5. Awakening vigil
6. Mandatory vigil

The first two types are associated with the spiritual system. Their main goal is the merge with the beauty and charm of Allah through meditation.

The third type of meditation is the direct impact and treatment of the body. The main objective is the development of its physical, physiological and internal energies.

The basis of next meditational system is preparation for spiritual battle. This battle can take place both in the inner world of man and external one.

The fifth and sixth systems are used to eliminate the negative emotional states occurring in the human body.

Secret meditation of Nursafardiyya consists of: special breathing meditation, “meditation of letters shape”, “meditation of river shape”, “meditation of waterfall shape”, “meditation of form of the explosion”, and meditation of pronouncing the names of Allah while breathing. The main principle is to work with the centers of the internal energy.

Oral meditation in this doctrine is a top secret system in which a complex spiritual vigil is created, combined with perfection of speech, movement and breathing.

In this vigil head, neck, back, hands, knees and legs are participating simultaneously, while having a different meaning.

Meditation can be performed with the participation of one, three, nine, twelve or thirty-three people.

The vigil in the doctrine of Nursafardiyya has enough differences compared to other doctrines:

First: - It combines both quiet and noisy vigil.

Second: - In other doctrines, the main aspiration in the vigil is the merger with heavens, reaching a peak in meditation, while in doctrine of Nursafardiyya, the basis is the vigilance, a composure during ceremonies. This requires the sense of touch of energy systems around yourself.

Third: - different systems of breathing and motion, different words and expressions, which are used in this doctrine.

Fourth: - The meditation system of Nursafardiyya is only one of possible ways to perfection. In other doctrines the meditation holds the fundamental position.

Fifth: - This doctrine differs from others by its super confidentiality and the complexity of its systems, and it should be performed only under the guidance of a teacher.

During meditation the perfection of physical, physiological, internal energetic and vocal factors of human body is reached. Unused, dormant information sources and cells of the organism are activated. Its new facets are opened, and the perfection of human flesh is achieved.

It should be noted that the meditation system of Nursafardiyya requires a person to be healthy, because the performed exercises are complicated and lengthy.