The teaching of Nursafardiyya is a teaching of self-completeness and development of personality awareness, and it is not known only in its mother country, but rather also in other countries of the world.


The line of activity and its methods are based on the Sufi medicine (healing with herbs), and include also gymnastics, systems of breathing exercises, calligraphy, martial arts, the art of meditation and other specialties widely known and already practiced in most parts of Europe. 

The Nursafardiyya Centre was founded by Sufiy Tabib Nursafardiy and it successfully works together with the Institute of Human Anatomical Pathology (Uzbekistan), the Obninsk Medical Radiology Institute (Russia), “Nursafarm” the center of sufiy medicine, gymnastics and martial arts (Russia), the Institute of Ethno music therapy (Switzerland), the Institute of Culture and Social Anthropology at the Wien University (Austria) and collaborates with others in helping to cure serious and difficult diseases.

Sufi Tabib Nursafardiy is frequently invited to different European countries as a consultant in this specific discipline in the treatment of diseases.

Many European institutes of scientific research are studying the methods of treatment of Sufi medicine and there are several seminars on this thema.

A known Nursafardiyya Centres is in Switzerland, in Fehraltorf (Maktab), 25 km far from Zurich and in the Dizentis ski resort.