NURU-MIRANDA – Head of the Centre

After more than 30 years of knowing Sufi Tabib Nursafardiy from Uzbekistan and a long year experience of Sufi wisdoms and lifestyle, tightly connected with higher forces and nature, she decided to open her own piece of Heaven in Sardinia and allow also the others to practice the Uzbek style of Sufism.

All the activities of the Centre are outdoors. The Sardinia Nursafardiyya Sufism is joined with nature and with its laws.

She will lead you to the world of discovering energies from granite rocks, energies from centenarian oak cork trees and the gratitude for this newly obtained energy. You would practice the Nursafardiyya Sufi breathing techniques, which are a guarantee for a long and healthy life.


Zikr and breathing in the nature

She will guide you to a state of higher consciousness through Sufi sword techniques.

Love towards nature (animals and plants) is our biggest terrestrial love, because is an assurance to the continuance of life.



He will lead you to the world of Zikr and meditation.

At your wish he can make you an analysis of your health situation and of the clearness of your energetical field and the level of your natural defense.


He will take you to the world of invisible forces and explain you their strength. He can also make a check to see if someone is a victim from their attacks and he is able to neutralize it.

At your choice he can help you to achieve and maintain harmony of the physical and spiritual body.



Master of Sufiy movement system and techniques from Nursafardiyya center in Uzbekistan.







Artist of the Centre, Sufi music, calligraphy, botany and animals.







Natural and official medicine, research in medicine and phytotherapy, translation, organization of travels.