Why did Nursafardiyya choose as ideal place for meditation, special breathing exercises, … exactly Sardinia?

The answer is simple! Sardinia is an island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, far enough from the mainland not to be polluted by the dirty air of the industries. The secrets kept by a famous family from Central Asia go perfectly along with the benefits that God gave to this beautiful island. Sardinia is a millenarian island made of granite stones composed of quartz, orthoclase and mica. In time they were shaped by rain, wind, sea and heated by the hot sun to give them an extraordinary strong energy.

Sardinian people is strong as its rocks.

The Nursafardiyya meditation and breathing exercises are powerful and unique. In this place they will give people vitality and the possibility of having a deeper interior vision and, last but not least, health.

Sardinia is not only rocks and pure fresh air, but it has trees as cork trees, known for their energetical and healing characteristics. Just think that only staying under a cork tree will charge you with energy for a lot of time.

Sardinia is green for the whole year and it smells beautifully thanks to its medicinal plants as Helichrysum italicum, thyme, lavender, Arbutus unedo, orange, Silybum marianum, eucalyptus, myrtle, juniper.

Nursafardiyya has chosen the best place in whole Sardinia: the granite rocks in a cork tree forest, scented by the Mediterranean plants as place for exercises and at the same time as accommodation for the participants.

The place chosen by Nursafardiyya is in Gallura above Olbia city near the famous Costa Smeralda visited by VIP from the whole world. From here you can go to all the places of interest.

And of course there would be also enough time to bath in the warm and crystalline Sardinian sea.

We are waiting for you for this unforgettable experience in the Sardinian nature with Nursafardiyya from Central Asia.

As extra activities we suggest workshops as calligraphy and others.